Windows 9 Release Date - Preview, Features & Official Download

Windows 9 Release Date - Preview, Features & Official Download
Windows 9 is upcoming version of Operating System (OS) by Microsoft. A technical preview of Windows 9 expected to be release on September 30, 2014 or early next month. There are approx 5% Microsoft share of the worldwide smartphone and tablet markets. Windows 8 was launched 2 year ago. Currently it is the latest OS by Microsoft that worked equally well for mouse and keyboard PC users as for touch centeric tablet users. Microsoft is working very hard to make sure that the preview includes plenty of new features for users to test.

Windows 9 will also feature a new start menu, Metro style apps, a virtual desktop features, the removal of the Charms bar features and an early version of Cortana. It can be combination between Windows 8 interface and the Windows 7 start menu. Windows 9 release date September 30, 2014 for technical preview to test how users react to these new features. Users of Microsoft Operating System (OS) will also see several changes in Windows 9, including some tweaks on the desktop to improve upon Windows 8.

There are many more rumors about Windows 9 release date and Windows 9 preview will require users to opt-in to the monthly software updates. It seems that we should wait till Windows 9 release for technical preview after that we will able to say about Windows 9 features and review it.

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