Get WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin - 5 Steps

There are many reasons to get WordPress password from phpMyadmin.
  1. Your WordPress website has been hacked by Someone.
  2. You didn't logged in your panel from long time and you forgot your user name and password.
  3. You forgot your email address and user name so you are unable to reset password
  4. You know your email address and username but don't know password and not receiving confirmation mail from your website to change password.

3 things you must know to get WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

  1. cPanel
  2. phpMyadmin
  3. Database name (Read how to find your WordPress Database Name)

Method to get WordPress password from phpMyAdmin

  1. You must have know the name of your Wordpress Database. You should keep the important information of your website at safe place as like User Name, Database Name, Admin Email, cPanel Login credential. If you don't know your WordPress Database name, you can find it from your website's root folder wp-config.php file.
  2. Now access phpMyAdmin to reach your Database if you are using ePanel hosting.
  3. access phpmyadmin
  4. Now you need to select your correct database name of your WordPress from left panel.
    select correct database name
  5. Now you will see "wp-users" table, click on it.
    select wp-users tabel
  6. Now you need to change "user_pass" value field.
    edit user password value field and get WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin
    You are seeing that this area has many more character. Wordpress using MD5 Hash to store the password doe security reason, you can convert your password from and after changing you password in MD5 Hash, you should paste on user_pass value field and save by selecting function MD5.
Now you have successfully get WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin.

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