UP TGT Science 8th Feb 2015 Solved Answer Key & Cut Off

UP TGT Science 8th February 2015 Solved Answer Key & Expected Cut Off TGT Science: Selected questions and their answers from Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) 8th February 2015 exam are avail below. The question paper of TGT Science for 2 hours maximum duration. UP TGT Science 8th Feb 2015 question paper has total number of 125 questions and 425 is maximum marks for whole paper / all question's mark totaling.

We expect up tgt science cut off marks 357 for general category candidates and 333 marks tgt science obc cut off and TGT Science SC cut off marks 303 & TGT Science ST Cut Off marks may be 299 marks.

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UP TGT Science Solved 8th Feb 2015

UP TGT Science 8th Feb 2015 questions and their answers are given below:
  1. Which halide is stable towards hydrolysis:
  2. When water freezes, the distance between its molecules:
  3. The nitrogen molecule has:
  4. The atmosphere consisting of a large number of gases is held to the earth due to:
  5. What will be constant in isothermal process?
  6. Baking Soda is:
  7. Which of the following elements has zero electron affinity?
  8. A solution made by dissolving 40gm of NAOH in 1000gm of H2O is:
  9. Which if the following compound is known as caustic Soda:
  10. Which of the following is a liner molecule?
  11. Time period of a simple pendulum depends on its:
  12. The molecule which doesn't exhibit dipole moment is:
  13. "Good emitters are good absorbers". This statement is based on:
  14. "When a hanging carpet is beaten with a stick, dust particles start coming out of it". This phenomenon is best example of:
  15. Phenomenon of polarization in light bears:
  16. 0.16gm of a dibasic acid required 25ml of NaOH solution for complete neutralisation. The molecular weight of the acid is:
  17. Magnetic quantum number in 4s orbital is:
  18. Minimum possible temperate is:
  19. Force acting on a body is equivalent to:
  20. 37'C Temperature is equal to:
  21. Bohr radius of hydrogen atom is:
  22. One kg-weight is equal to:
  23. Wavelength of heat radiation is:
  24. Water stored in a dam possesses:
  25. Internal energy of an ideal gas depends only on its:
  26. An object weights 10N on the surface of the Earth. What would be its weight on the surface of the moon:
  27. The magnetic quantum number is related to:
  28. The element found most abundantly in the earth crust is:
  29. Temperature if a block body increases from 300K to 600K, Energy emission rate in the process will become:
  30. What is the hybridisation of carbon atom in methane?
  31. Which of the following compounds on oxidation gives benzoic acid:
  32. An electron of 6ev ebergy strikes with Hydrogen atom. The collision is:
  33. The First model of an atom was given by:
  34. What is the hybridisation of the oxygen atom in water:
  35. Iron is manufactured from the ore:
  36. Required condition for photo electric effect is:
  37. Which has the maximum value of electron affinity
  38. A weight MG suspended to a wire produces an increment 'l' in its length. Work done in the process will be:
  39. The most stable orbitals among the following are:
  40. Formula for kinetic mass of photon is:
  41. A missile is launched with velocity lesser than escape velocity. Total kinetic and potential energy of missile will be:
  42. The outermost electronic configuration of the most electronegative element is:
  43. A line perpendicular to wavefront is called:
  44. Melting of Ice at its melting point is a:
  45. 2-acetoxybenzoic acid is called:
  46. Tincture iodine is:
  47. An object weight =s 10N in air, when immersed fully in a liquid, it weights 8N. The weight of liquid displayed by the object will be:
  48. Neutron was discovered by
  49. Ozone is made up of how many atoms of oxygen?
  50. Two solutions with equal osmotic pressure are called:
  51. The amplifier device is:
  52. The inertia of a moving object depend on its:
  53. The law of gravitation gives the gravitational force between:
  54. P-N junction diode is formed by:
  55. How much oxygen can be obtained from 90Kg of water:
  56. Which of the following compounds will exhibit geometrical isomerism:
  57. Equivalent energy of 1a.m.u. will be:
  58. In displacement method, lengths of images in two positions are 9cm and 4 cm respectively, the length of the object is:
  59. Chemical composition of pearl is:
  60. Law of refraction was given by:
  61. Cinnabar is an ore of:
  62. The colour of a star represents its:
  63. Which of the following sulphides has a yellow colour:
  64. According to Wien's displacement law, maximum wavelength related to absolute temperature as:
  65. Alkali metal and alkaline earth metals belong to:
  66. Myopia is cured by using:
  67. Source of Sun's energy is:
  68. The maximum number of electrons in f-sub-shell is:
  69. EDTA has coordination number:
  70. Gammexane is:
  71. Scalar quantity is:
  72. According to Planck's hypothesis, the emission or absorption of energy is:
  73. Which of the following is a chelate ligand:
  74. Element with the atomic number 24 belongs to the:
  75. The maximum number of electrons in an atom with l=2 and n=3 is:
  76. A metal in which even Iron can float is:
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