Indian Navy SSR/ AA Syllabus 2017, SSR Exam Pattern 2017

Indian Navy SSR/ AA Syllabus 2017, Senior Secondary Recruit Exam Pattern 2017: Hello friends, if you are doing preparation for your Indian Navy Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR) 2017 & Artificer Apprentice (AA-140) Batch, we have uploaded and and providing detailed of Indian Navy SSR Syllabus 2017 & Indian Navy AA Syllabus 2017 in this article. Hope that Indian Navy SSR Exam Pattern 2017 & Indian Navy AA Exam Pattern 2017 available in on this article will be very helpful for all of you.

Detailed information Indian Navy SSR/ AA Syllabus 2017

Indian Navy SSR/AA Syllabus 2017 Science

  • Physical world and measurement, kinematics, law of motion, work, energy and power, motion system of particle and rigid body, gravitation.
  • Mechanics of solids and fluids, heat thermodynamics, oscillations, waves, electrostatics, current electricity
  • Magnetic effect of current and magnetism, electromagnetic induction and alternating current, electromagnetic, waves.
  • Optics, dul nature of matter and radiations, atomic nucleus / solid and semi - conductor devices, principles of communication.
  • Metals and non metals, organic chemistry, food, nutrition and health, physiology and human diseases, computer science.

Indian Navy SSR/AA Mathematics syllabus 2017

  • Relations and functions, logarithms, complex numbers, quadratic equations, sequences and series, trigonometry.
  • Cartesian system of rectangular coordinates, straight Lines family of straight lines, circles.
  • Conic Sections, permutations and combinations, vectors, exponential and logarithmic series, sets and set theory, statistics.
  • Introduction to three - dimensional geometry, probability function, limits and continuity, differentiation, applications of derivatives.
  • Indefinite integrals binomial theorem, matrices, determinants, definite integrals.

Indian Navy SSR & AA Syllabus 2017 English

  • Passage, preposition, correction of sentences, change active to passive/passive to active voice.
  • Change direct to indirect, indirect to direct, verbs, tense, non finite, punctuation
  • Substituting phrasal verbs for expression, synonyms and antonyms, meanings of difficult words.
  • Use of adjective, compound preposition, determiners, use of pronouns.

General Awareness Indian Navy SSR/AA Syllabus 2017

  • Culture and religion, geography : soil, rivers, mountains, ports, inland harbors, freedom movement.
  • Sports : championships, winners, terms, number of players, defence, wars and neighbors, current affairs.
  • Important national facts about India, heritage and arts, dance, history, languages, capitals and currencies.
  • National : bird, animal, sport, flower, anthem, song, flag, monuments, eminent personalities.
  • Full forms and abbreviations, discoveries, common names, diseases and nutrition, award and authors.

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