UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2016 Junior (VI-VIII) Solution & Exam Analysis

UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2016 Junior (VI-VIII) Solution & Exam Analysis: Dear aspirants the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board has successfully conducted UPTET Feb 2016 exam this on 2nd February 2016. Aspirants are eagerly searching most awaited uptet paper 2 answer key 2016. This many lakhs candidates appeared in Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test turn around the state. UPBasicEduBoard TET Answer Key 2016 will be published officially on the same legitimate portal where you have been submitted the online form of UPTET 2016.

However UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2016 solved by coaching institute over the state like uptet answer key 2016 by NIIT, Jeevan Coaching, Target Point, Vidya Coaching are available on this page. We have also solved the uptet paper 2 feb 2016 by our concern team and made available online for free to all of you.

UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2016 details

UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2016 official release by the UP Examination Regularity. Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test (UPTET) has become most popular exam to get the teachers job in the state. Aspirants are very much exited to get their score of UPTET Paper 2 Junior level exam. Aspirants want to achieve higher marks because rumours are the next upcoming teacher vacant post may be fill through the merit of uptet score card. So more higher marks is the more security to get the government teacher jobs in junior high school/ parishadiya vidyalaya in the Uttar Pradesh state.

Download Here UPTET Answer Key 2016 for Paper 2 in pdf

UPTET Paper 2 Solution of Maths & Science Questions

UPTET Paper 2 solution of maths and Science are given below.
UPTET Paper 2 Solution of Social Science:
  1. River of India flows in rift valley: Narmada
  2. Distance between earth and moon: 384400
  3. Lord Macaulay is associated with: English Education
  4. Operation Flood is related to: Milk Production
  5. Which city was founded by Sikandar Lodi: Agra
  6. Moti Masjid in the Red Fort at Delhi was built by: Aurangzeb
  7. Which period is called as 'Golden Age' in Indian History: Gupta Period
  8. The first women President of the Indian National Congress was: Annie Besant
  9. Lowermost layer of the atmosphere: Troposphere
  10. The CORE of the Interior of the Earth is made up of which of the following elements: Iron and Nickel
  11. Who among the following founded the Vikramsila Mahavihara, a great centre of education?
  12. Kalibana is in which State?
  13. Who established the Ram Krishna Mission?
  14. Who presided the group which pursuit in the case against the soldiers of Azad Hind Fauj?
  15. Curved shape bricks are found from which place of Sindhu civilization?
  16. Which States in India implemented Panchayati Raj in 1959 for the first time?
  17. Who decides whether a bill is a Money Bill or not
  18. Irrespective of social and economic level, all Indians should have the right to vote.’ Who said this?
  19. Constitutional Government stands for
  20. How many members are nominated by the President in Rajya Sabha?
  21. Evaluation is related to
  22. Classroom teaching should be
  23. Which is most important aid in the teaching of Social Studies?
  24. The term curriculum in field of education refers to
  25. TLM is not used in Social Studies
  26. In which of the following climatic regions are the Eskimos found?
  27. Who among the following first gave the scheme of ‘Natural region’ of the world?
  28. ‘World Environmental Day’ is celebrated on
  29. River carrying maximum sediment in the world is
  30. Which of the following is an example of Extinct Volcano?
  31. Bunchy-top is a disease of
  32. Fertigation is related to
  33. Unsuitable fruit for Jern making is
  34. How much percent of total soluble solid is found in jelly?
  35. Elements of Painting are
  36. Which are opposite colour?
  37. Who was the grandfather of the Modern Indian Art?
  38. Select the correct sequence in chronological order
  39. Which of the following Books was written by Sharang Dev?
  40. ‘Amad’ word is associated with
  41. In which category Raga Peeloo exist?
  42. ‘Whom’s subtitle is wrong?
  43. Which of the following has more calorie in food?
  44. Which of the following work is facilitated by muscle?
  45. When should people exercise?
  46. Where the brain is situated in human?
  47. When was first Football World Cup held?
  48. For which game Sayed Modi was awarded Indian National Award’?
  49. How many circles are there in Olympic Flag?
  50. How many players are there in Kabbadi ?
  51. Freedom of speech and expression is not unlimited. It can be restricted on the basis of
  52. Which of the following subjects is not enumerated in the State list?
  53. President can remove Governor on the basis of
  54. What is the maximum membership of a State Legislative Assembly?
  55. Which of the following rights have been named as ‘the heart and soul’ of Indian Constitution by Dr. B.R. Arnbedkar?
  56. Sonalika is a variety of which crop?
  57. Seed rate of Bajra is
  58. Which method of irrigation saves maximum water?
  59. The first critical stage of wheat is
  60. The branch of Soil Science which study the soil in context of plant growth is called as
UPTET Paper 2 Child Development and Cognition Solution:
  1. ___is one of the methods of the graphic presentation of the frequency distribution.
  2. While teaching is general class atmost which psychological fact should be taken in attention
  3. Propounder of 'Two-factors theory' of transfer of learning was
  4. Failing to retain or to e able to recall what has been learnt is called
  5. "The dynamic organization within the individual of those psycho-physical systems that determine the unique adjustment to his environment", is called
  6. Normal males have XY chromosomes whereas normal females have
  7. "That point on the scale of scores & above which one half of the scores lie" called
  8. Who propounded the theory of trial and error in learning?
  9. According to ______, “Development of the child is the product of heredity and environment”.
  10. “Psychology first lost its soul, then its mind and then it lost its consciousness, it still has behavior of a kind” was stated by:
  11. Latency period in psychosexual development is related to the age range of:
  12. Psychosocial theory of was proposed by:
  13. According to ______, Id, Ego and Super ego are the three components of personality.
  14. Which behaviorist considers that language is acquired like other behaviors through operant conditioning?
  15. Which of the following is not the measure of central tendency?
  16. I.Q. children having average intelligence will be between ______
  17. Which of the following level of measurement is the best?
  18. Which of the following is not a projective test of personality?
  19. Hierarchy of need theory was given by _____
  20. Which of the following is called the master gland?
  21. ______ gave the concept of collective unconscious.
  22. “Grapes are sour” is an example of
  23. Operant conditioning theory of learning was given by _____
  24. According to Spearman (1904) the ability to reason and solve problems is known as
  25. Bandura stated that children acquire responses through modeling, which is also known as ______
  26. Which stage of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is characterized by abstract logic and mature moral reasoning’?
  27. _______ is the sum total of innate personality characteristics.
  28. According to Psychologists through which of the following methods instincts can be transformed
  29. Formation of concepts is a _____ process.
  30. Which one of the following is not the cause of forgetting?
UPTET Feb 2016 Exam Analysis
In the UPTET Paper 2 Primary level, the questions were asked basic level & theoretical at the level to Junior High School or 10th. The UPTET Junior Level Question Paper is not much simple as well as also not must tough to attempt. The candidates can obtain 35-40 marks out of 60 easily if he had basic knowledge.
How to download UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key official
The UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2016 will be release officially within the week from the date of Uttar Ptradesh Teachers Eligibility Test conducted. So here's the all steps uptet junior level exam morning session answer key 2016 followed.
  • Open the website www.upbasiceduboard.gov.in
  • One the home page you will show the link saying download UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2016.
  • Open the link in the browser and a pdf file will be shown take download in your computer.
  • Match your UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2016 Junior Level Exam with your answers you made.
The board will give the time of one week to send the notice with proof if you anyone found any answer provided by UP Examination Authority have any error. So please regularly check the official portal UP Basic Education Board and this page by subscribing to get latest news UPTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2016 held on 2nd February.

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